Hello! My name is Kayla Campana. I am a History M.A. candidate at the University of Central Florida and budding historian. My research and thesis center on the Great War and trauma.

As an M.A. candidate in the Department of History at the University of Central Florida, I have worked on and participated in a number of departmental projects ranging in topic and medium.

Along with my role as an M.A. candidate, I am a full time staff member in my department. I work with the Public History program and a number of the Public History endeavors. My role has allowed me to aid in publicizing the undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to helping in the organization and promotion of departmental events, which include academic lectures, workshops, and student and faculty showcases.

My future aspirations include pursuing a PhD in History and continuing my current research. I also hope to travel as much as life will allow.

If you would like to get in contact with me please feel free to e-Mail me at kcampanaucf@gmail.com.

Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial, France 2018.
Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial, France 2018.